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Written by Ahmedou Ould - Abdallah, President, www.Centre4s.org   
Tuesday, 03 January 2017 01:55

Happy New Year to the Sahel Sahara region, its Maghreb neighbors and international partners.

Here are a few reminders about the Region’s main characteristics.





The Sahel is an area of 5 million square kilometers thus larger than the European Union.


Most of its political systems are locked while its social systems have evolved under various influences, including in particular and recently, mobile phones and social networks.


The region capital cities are homes to 28 to 32 per cent of the country's population and are bubbles most often ripe for political explosions.


Despite its advantages (acceleration of national integration, creation of consumers markets, etc.), the fast growing urbanization, remains a central security problem.


Populations do not think they can change the regimes. At their level, there is a strong belief that they are stuck with these political and economic systems.

Contrary to many beliefs, rebellions are more and more unstructured like the rural and urban world where they operate.


Finally, there are indeed terrorists. However, the most worrying concern is the few thousands young people ready to support or join them. Hence, the limits of the costly de-radicalization policies.


Throughout the Sahel, there is a deep desire for change, no matter by whom and towards what. It is at this level that problems of insecurity arise.


The upcoming France-Africa Summit (January 13th 20117) to be held in Bamako, comes four years after the beginning of French military intervention Serval , now Barkane, in Mali. Now in support of the United Nations it still is ongoing.



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