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Written by André Marie Pouya Journalist / Consultant   
Saturday, 26 August 2017 12:17

Was it recognition of an implicit failure or a panic response in the face of the uninterrupted flow of migrants? France President, Emmanuel Macron, new migration policy suggests these two forms of fear.





The European Union seemed cheerful with its policy of blocking immigration by the sole government of Niger. France president implicit call to the "countries located in the south of Libya" seems to indicate that the mandate of gendarme, conferred on Niger in 2015, was too heavy to be carried by this Sahelian country alone. Both Sudan, in Libya southeast, and Chad in its south, will have to come to the rescue of the Europe anti-migration policy to be implemented from Africa.


"Is it the fate of our young people to be in the bottom of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea?’’ This heartbreaking question is extracted from the message that King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, addressed to the XXIX th Summit of Heads of States and Governments of the African Union (AU), held in early July 2017 at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Therefore, for his part, and likewise implicitly, the King acknowledged the failure, temporary or final, of the European initiative against the migration of "young" Africans. Or is it beyond the grave, a vengeance of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, then brandishing gladly the threat of letting Europe be invaded by ragged Africans? The collapse of the Libyan regime in 2011 also resulted in that of the dikes, which already had difficulty blocking the successive waves of migrants. However, if the failure is European and, in part African, the most perceptible nervousness comes from France.


It is first of all France Minister of Interior, Gérard Collomb, who has expressed the wish to "distinguish the right of asylum from other motivations of migration" to France. That was one month after the end of the African Union summit. Pretending to rely on surveys, the former mayor of the city of Lyon has said that his French compatriots are showing an increasing reluctance to accept migrants. As if to support him, in that same week in early August, anti-immigrant activists from France, Germany and Italy, members of a far-right group called the ‘’Generation of Identity’’, chartered a forty-meter boat in the Mediterranean to repel Migrant crafts. Approaching the Libyan coast, these crusaders of modern times sailed to the south of Tunisia, where local fishermen were expecting them and determined to prevent these "racists" from docking.


The Enlistment of Sudan and Chad


Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron, says that between 800,000 and 1 million migrant candidates are waiting in Libya, hoping to cross the Mediterranean, in order to take refuge in Europe. Hence the idea of ​​resurrecting a proposal, caressed many times but, to date, not yet materialized: opening hot spots in Libya itself.


From there, one would separate the wheat, containing people who could qualify for refugee status, from the tares, composed mainly of economic migrants. Except that, stricken with chaos and anarchy for the last six years,   that country cannot, for the moment, put on the cloak of such a migratory buffer! Chad and Sudan will therefore be solicited. Thus the call, or tender, is launched. Consequently, in that way, Niger will learn its failure in the field of migrant retention. But will the two new obligated candidates welcome this never-ending human tide? And if they agree to do ‘’the job", how long will the contract last?


The sacrifice will be accepted, for two or three years, until the new anti-migration gendarmes also recognize their limits, or express their fear of an internal implosion. Where then will be relocated those migrants who did not make it from Niger, Chad or Sudan?


If it is proven that Niger has failed, the European Union will have helped. The projects that the EU has designed to reconvert the candidates to migration in the Agadez region, for example, are still being lost, inter alia, in:


- "rapid diagnosis of the situation;


- statistics on the number of participants in migration;


- the choice of beneficiaries and activities to be financed, in order to ensure fairness and transparency ".


These projects, which have been announced with great pomp in the last ten months, are likely to be more and more like a trap, tended to the old (and future?) migrant smugglers, who have been unemployed for one year! A lure  of 108,000,000 Euros, planted in the Aïr desert! There is no better way of encouraging a resumption of this "activity", which, for a long time and a few years ago, constituted a regional wealth...


As of this past March, this site, www.c4s.org, reported that, in the long term, these controls, retentions and "projects" were not a viable policy.


What would then be the solution? To stop attributing only to foreign interferences all our own difficulties and, once again,  a better governance, which would create more wealth and social justice in the Sahel countries and hope for those candidates to migration that ignore that it is to death.

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